Merry Christmas!!!

2 things to say!

1. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


That will be all, thank you :).

P.S. Scaryrai, are you still actually coding this? If you are then tell me please 🙂

By roxxy2

Just some news

I  got a blackberry so I can contribute more 🙂  anyways second, since I still contribute properly… *sigh* need to find a partner to basically look after things until my dad gets m laptop fed and if they’re good enough they can stay partners with me. 🙂

By roxxy2

I can’t come on for a while :(.

I’m sorry but my laptop is broke and I’m on my brothers. I somehow deleted the Operating System (OS) on it… So until it’s fixed I can’t come back on, sorry again. -Roxxy

By roxxy2

Got a coder!

Hi!!!! Good news! Have you heard of Scaryrai? Well, he’s our new coder! No offence Scaryrai but I have NO idea whether you are coding or not, if you’re reading this just email me how you’re doing now and then and I’ll be thankful :). Anyway, yayyy hopefully the CPPS will be up before Christmas (gives us alot of time to sort bugs and everything out)! Thanks so much for accepting scary! -Roxxy

By roxxy2

We have a Facebook!!

To help promote iCP Blizzard, I created a Facebook for us! All the Staff and anyone who would like to play iCP Blizzard when it’s up then you’re welcome to add and like the page. Click here to view our Facebook page!

By roxxy2

Changing the name!

We are changing the name to iCP Blizzard because I just got Adobe Flash Player and made something for it, the other reason is because it’ll remind me of CP Blizzard. Thanks -Roxxy

P.S. I hope the rest of the Staff doesn’t mind but I think it’s better because it also relates to something in Club Penguin. And I’ll post what I made on the Website A.S.A.P. (as soon as possible)!

By roxxy2

We need Coders!!!

If you really want to get this CPPS up and running then we NEED at least one coder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t code myself because I don’t get how it works, I tried before and failed. If you can code and get this CPPS up then PLEASE join our team. Thanks -Roxxy

By roxxy2

I’m back!

I’m back and I’m more determined than ever to get this up! I’ve finished my SATs, I’ve found out my results, ive had my induction week and soon It’s the 6 weeks holiday :). Anyway…. I’m gonna try and find more coders which means, I’ll be on xat more I’ll be on CPPS’s more and stuff like that (well I’ll try, I can’t really promise). So… if you’re reading this and you’re thinking you can have a chance at becoming a member of our team then please don’t hesitate to apply on our staff list. 

P.S. I’m updating it soon, some people have left :(.

By roxxy2

Sorry, guys!

Sorry guys but UnifoCP is off until I finish my SATs because this is the only time I have to do this and its 03:32 a.m on Friday and I’m pretty tired, so until I have finished my SATs (which are in 40 days) I can’t continue with UnifoCP but if the Coder’s, MC and all the other staff want to the can because I’m not gonna stop them testing it but just make sure if you do have a test then send messages to one of the Coder’s and not me until I come back. Thanks -Roxxy

By roxxy2

A little good/bad thing

I think Conker is somewhere near finishing! =D that’s the good thing… But, there is also a little catch =[ I need a VPS and I can’t pay for one! So the bad thing is if you really want to play this CPPS ASAP then could you please donate money for a VPS or if you can’t donate look for a free one please but, if you don’t want to do neither of those things then that’s fine but then there’s less chance of us coming out sooner. Thanks -Roxxy

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