Commads for UnifoCP! Note: Founders get same commands as creators.
Normal User:
!ai (ID of clothing) gives you the clothing item you want
!ac (Amount of coins) Gives you any amount of coins up to 5000
!jr (ID of room) makes you go to a room
!ping (test if you are connected to server Bot says: PONG! if you are)
!igloo (ID of igloo) gives you the igloo
!af (ID of furniture) gives you the furniture you want
!users tells you how many users there is
!goto(penguin) makes you go to penguin
!pm (penguin) (message) private messages a penguin

!ban (penguin) (amount of hours, o.o being forever)
!warn (penguin) (message) (warns a user that they’re going to get a kick/ban)
!bot (makes a bot for you)
!clone (clones you)
All of the above

Staff leaders:
!recommend (penguin) (recommends a user for staff)
!swf (link) (shows what’s on the link)
!msg (message) (makes the bot say something)
!close (closes the swf link)
All of the above

!idban (penguin) (ID bans a penguin, only use if broke rules after kick and normal ban)
!contest (makes a contest only a creator can be there)
!smsg (message) (sends a message to all of the staff)
!unstaff (penguin) un-staff’s a penguin or yourself (NOTE: YOU NEED PERMISSION FOR THIS!! NO UN-STAFFING PEOPLE IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM!!)
All of the above

!restart (restarts server) (need permission for this)
!unbanall (unbans everyone who has been banned)
!jrall (!jr100) (makes everyone join a certain room)
!mod (penguin) (don’t abuse the make staff commands)
!staff leader (penguin)
!owner (penguin)
!unstaff (penguin)
All of the above

Roxxy only:
!bye (shuts down server forever
!shut (shuts server for a temporary time. Can be opened again)
P.S. This page is still under construction! =P


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